Kids Ministry

Welcome to our children’s program page!

We have Sunday morning programs for children as young as 3 and up to grade 6! We are learning to trust God, and to know that he loves us now matter what.

In Sunday School, each month we focus on a biblical “virtue”, or life lesson – something that kids can bring into play in their every day lives, whether it be at school, at home, or at church. We engage children, making the lessons fun with a variety of means – games, crafts, music, stories, and lots of other activities. Every week kids are sent home with materials that parents can use during the week to connect with them regarding what they are learning, and how to talk about it in a way that kids can understand.

Happy New Year!  We have a fun winter planned!

Each month we tackle a topic or “Virtue” that helps us become closer to God and grow deeper in our faith. Here are the Virtues for the next two months:

In January we are talking about Commitment – Making a plan and putting it into practice. If we want to know God better, we need to practice our faith. But practicing isn’t something that comes naturally to any of us. That’s why we need a plan. And the best place to start is with spiritual disciplines; or what we call “faith skills.”

There are four faith skills that we think kids need to practice to know God better. We’re taking this month of commitment to dig deeper into these faith skills to help kids get a handle on what it means to practice their faith. We use four simple words to help us remember these skills: HEAR. PRAY. TALK. LIVE. Each week this month, we’ll focus on one of the faith skills as we talk about making a plan and putting it into practice.

In February we are learning about Kindness – showing others they are valuable by how you treat them. All month we’ll be working on memorizing Luke 6:31, “Do to others as you want them to do to you.” This simple verse is a great reminder of what Jesus said about Kindness. We would want others to show kindness towards us, so it’s important that we turn around and show kindness to them as well. There is programming for children ages preschool to grade 8. By popular request we are ramping things up by bringing back our kids’ events, which are field-trips and adventures that take place outside of our regular weekly Sunday gatherings. We are currently coming up with a new name for these friendship-builders: New name to be announced! Stay posted! Our first event of the year is going to be a “swim meet” at Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre, on Sunday, January 24th from 12:30-2. We will be meeting at the main entrance, after the morning service, for 12 pm to eat a light bagged lunch before swimming. Any parents or guardians that wish to join us are welcome! The cost is $3.00 for adults, $5.50 for adults.  Join us! All ages welcome! I will be conducting a bit of a survey with the kids to determine which activities would be at the top of their lists. The next activity will be posted soon! Come join us for God-inspired, fun-filled learning and activities!
Come join us!


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