IMAGINE a world where …

people live together in the ways that God intended

… mercy, kindness, and compassion fill our homes and neighbourhoods

… justice, peace, and truth are more than noble words

… freedom, joy, and purpose belong to all

… faith, hope, and love overflow our lives

At Freedom we believe that this is God’s dream for His world and that by trusting and following Jesus – living in His way of dynamic, life-giving and life-changing community – we can make this dream real and visible in our world.

We will “be free” to make God’s dream real and visible by…

BUIlDING authentic relationships

Relationships are central to God’s dream for His creation.  God created all persons to live as part of a community – in relationship with Him, with each other, and with the world in which we live.  We give priority to promoting and developing healthy, authentic relationships in which we treat others as Jesus did – with respect, understanding, forgiveness, and self-sacrificing love.

EMBRACING the passion of a life lived with Jesus

The central relationship in our life must be with Jesus.  As we come to know Jesus, we will desire and be empowered by God’s Spirit to live more like Him.  We passionately seek to trust and follow Jesus, so that we might grow in faith and live in the way of Jesus in the world.

FINDING a life of freedom, joy and purpose

Jesus came so that we might have more and better life than we ever dreamed of.  We will journey life with eyes wide open, discovering and helping others discover the more and better life Jesus promises – a life of adventure fueled by freedom, guided by purpose, and radiant with joy.

RENEWING people’s lives with hope, healing and wholeness

God cares about the emotional, spiritual and physical health of all people.  He created us to be whole.  We seek to be a community that is so connected with His life-giving presence that broken, lonely and hurting people will find hope, healing, and wholeness.

EQUIPPING people for life and service

Jesus came not to be served, but to serve.  God gifts and empowers everyone so that we might also be servants in our world.  We desire to be servant-hearted people and life-long learners. Through teaching, training and mentoring relationships we will discover, develop, and creatively employ our gifts to serve those around us.

ENGAGING our local and global communities

God blesses and transforms us not only for our own sake but for the benefit of others.  We want to be a blessing to our world.  We will actively and passionately seek to share the life of freedom, joy and purpose which we have discovered in Jesus with our neighbours next door and around the world.


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