Freedom Christian Community is in a state of Transition. For updates, see here.

A Tale of Two Signs 

There are now two signs on the front lawn at 152 North Park Street, Brantford.

The one has been there for many years, indicating that the property is the home of a Free Methodist congregation.  The other is from the city’s Planning Department giving notice of a plan to tear down the church and put up a retirement home.

Many people think that the latter announces the death of the former. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Both signs tell something about us. 

THE FIRST SIGN tells those passing by that the building is currently the home of Freedom Christian Community – a name that communicates a great deal about us.

“Freedom” – We are all about “freedom.” We want to see people be free of all that keeps them from enjoying the “life that is truly life” that God wants for each of us.  We want to carry on the ministry of Jesus who came “to proclaim freedom for the prisoners” (Luke 4:18). We include the word “Freedom” in our name not only because it is at the heart of Christ’s ministry, but it reminds us of our heritage as “Free” Methodists.

“Christian” – We are Christians.  We are people who have given our allegiance to Jesus Christ and seek to live in his way in the world.  And although we are from a tribe within Christianity called “Free Methodists,” we are not sectarian.

“Community” – We try to live together in authentic community. Very intentionally, we have called ourselves a “community” rather than a “church.”  For most, “church” is a word that is associated with a building, the place we go, not the gathering of people to which we belong. We were created for community with God, with each other, and with creation.

THE SECOND SIGN says that the church building is going to be demolished.  Note it does not say the church will be demolished, just the building.  The building at 152 North Park Street has been our home and served us well for sixty years.  However, in today’s fast-changing culture, it no long meets our needs as we seek to be a blessing to the people of Brantford and beyond.  We are pleased that the purchaser intends to use the property to meet an urgent need for the care of people in the community.

Although we aren’t quite sure where our new home will be, we are trusting God and believing that He is calling us to do something new and exciting.

IMG_3060 Around FCC Sign


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